Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management (NMTM) who offer Traffic Management and Planning began servicing Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough regions in 2013, in 2021 Philip Klenner opened our sister-company, Learn TTM.

Learn TTM is a big part of NMTM, providing all our staff, as well as many people throughout Nelson and Marlborough region, the qualifications of TTM Worker, TMO-NP, TMO Practicing, STMS-U, STMS Cat A NP, STMS Cat B NP, STMS Cat A P, STMS Cat B P and STMS Refresher.

Meet the Learn TTM team 

Phillip and Joel at Learn TTM

Photo: Philip Klenner (right) and Joel Harris (left)

Philip Klenner

Launched Learn TTM in early 2021 after working in the Traffic Management industry for eight years at our sister-company Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management. Philip has been providing Temporary Traffic Management Training for three years via Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management after seeing that there was a need for competent, resourceful, and experienced trainers within the Nelson and Marlborough Regions.

Philip started out in the Traffic Management industry at the ripe age of just sixteen, where he worked as a ‘lollypop person’ (Traffic Controller). Philip really enjoyed helping the STMS out and building experience within the industry. Once Philip turned eighteen, he trained as an STMS and with two years’ previous experience he was quickly able to run sites. Philip was contracted out through Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management to contractors all around the Nelson and Marlborough Region.

”I started providing Temporary Traffic Management Training after completing the ‘TTM Train the Trainers Course’ in 2017 and I have been providing experienced training and mentoring to various contractors throughout the Top of the South since then.

I am a qualified TTM Assessor, TTM Trainer, and a TTM mentor, I have also completed the New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching which equips me with the ability to provide an inclusive and diverse environment to all trainees partaking in my workshops.

I am passionate about providing excellent training, both theory and practical and I look forward to seeing you in my workshops”.

Joel Harris

Joel began working for Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management in 2017 as a Traffic Controller and has since gained his qualifications as an STMS, and recently Mentor and Assessor. Joel has loved every minute of working within the team at Nelson Marlborough Traffic Management and was excited when Philip branched out and launched Learn TTM and approached Joel to assist in Mentoring and Assessing trainees.

“I have learned a lot in those four years working at NMTM about working on the road and how to do so safely and I am excited to pass on this knowledge and my experiences to my Trainees”.